Friday, January 11, 2013

Almost Two and So Busy!

It's hard to believe that my baby girl is almost two.  We still have about 5 weeks, but birthday planning is going full speed ahead.  Invitations have been ordered, birthday outfit has been ordered, and the cake has been ordered.  Mommy has a list of about one million craft projects she wants to do.  I have such mixed emotions going into this year's birthday.  I'll definitely miss having all of our Florida friend's and family with us.  But I'm so excited to share this special time with so much of our "northern family" and our new friends.

We've also been busy exploring the city, and finding things to do.  Most importantly, we found an indoor pool!  Kennedy is especially thrilled about this, and has been trying to convince Caleb that he should love swimming as much as she does.

I think I've mentioned how motor focused Kennedy has been lately.  In fact, she's been pretty much unstoppable.  With little interest in "learning" or doing anything that doesn't involve running around, making messes, and getting into things.  Apparently that got boring, or I have finally babyproofed all the fun parts of the house.  She's back to wanting to play, and we're having so much fun!  She loves to cook at her kitchen, feed and take care of her babies, and talk on the phone.  You know, her iPhone.  The one she carries around half the day, listening to music.  She's really mastered stacking blocks, stacking her rings, her shape sorter, stacking with her peg farm, etc.  She was also willing to show off some of her skills for her new speech therapist.  She loves to bring me her sunglasses, so I can help her put them on, you know, so she can be a fabulous diva!  (Imagine that.)

Here's some new photos of the princess!  (Apparently in random order, because I'm too tired and lazy to organize them.)

I'm still confused about this pool situation, but at least I can swim!

 Just walkin' around the park with my Grandma.

I decided to have a party from midnight to 4:45am the other night.  I invited my brother.
(Photo taken at 2:45am.)

Yes, I'm a diva and I know it!

Making music in the park. Cash, check, credit accepted as tips.

Here baby, here's your juice.

Mama said don't eat the sand. She said nothing about throwing.

This pig is my favorite.  I've had it forever, and I never get tired of it.

And just to show what a crazy girl I have on my hands.  Here is Kennedy, with her gym set.  I'm so thankful we have a house with a really good play area.  This child needs it.

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