Thursday, January 3, 2013

Go Go Go

I remember the days that I thought Kennedy would never walk.  The days a year ago when she would crawl backwards, and get stuck under entertainment centers, tables, etc.  Then came crawling forward.  And cruising, and independent standing.  Then one or two random steps.  Then 5 or 6 steps.  All of the sudden 20 steps!!!  And now I can't stop her!  Literally, in October when we were house hunting she made a record of 22 steps.  By the time we moved 3 weeks later, she was a full time independent walker.  Now, 6 weeks later, she's running.  Girlfriend does not stop.  She doesn't want to do puzzles, she doesn't want to watch Signing Times, she doesn't want to stack blocks.  She wants to run around the house, playing with whatever happens to be in her path, for a few minutes at a time, but mostly tearing things apart and getting into everything.  Throwing things into the Diaper Genie, pulling things out of the trash can, throwing books off shelves, emptying laundry baskets (clean or dirty), and emptying every cabinet.  We're still missing TWO pairs of my husband's glasses.  Yes, I said two.

We recently found a place called Monkey Joe's.  When we took Kennedy for the first time last weekend, my husband had an alarmed look on his face, when we walked in to find huge bounce houses.  He was definitely concerned.  I wasn't sure what to expect, I felt like bounce houses were a little old for her, even on the toddler level, I wasn't sure what she would think.  Well, she loved it.  She crawled under, through and around all the different obstacles.  Jumped and flipped off inflatables, went down slides, crawled, climbed, ran and bounced.  We took her back today, for a play date.  She was all over.  Literally throwing herself against the sides, and sliding down.  Bouncing, sliding, running.  I am not sure which of us got more exercise but I can tell you, I'm exhausted.  I was looking forward to photos of Kennedy and her friend, Ben, playing.  Unfortunately, Kennedy didn't spend enough time in one place to even think about getting a picture today.  Hopefully if we keep hanging out with Ben, his talking will rub off on her.  Of course, there's also a chance that her wildness may rub off on him.

This was a video of her the other day, before she got too completely wild.

And this would be her today.  I know.  The worst photo ever.  But the best one I could get, as she threw herself across the bounce house.

And just to show what a goofball she can be.  

Yes mom, I'm eating crackers for dinner.  But give me more.

What?  I'm just working on my splits.

Look for me in the gymnastics portion of the Olympics in a few years.

Other random videos that show miss wild thing in action:

Checking out Daddy's office, after Monkey Joe's last weekend.  
(She walked circles through daddy's building several times.)

And this morning's run in with Mr. Penguin....

On that note, I'm going to bed.  Because tomorrow is a long day of keeping up with her, while juggling a 20 pound baby on my hip.

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