Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best Friends

We always knew we wanted to have kids close in age.  When Kennedy was born we thought we would need to delay our plans to have kids close together.  We quickly learned that life wouldn't be all that different.  Being pregnant and taking care of a very dependent child wasn't always easy.  And having children 17 months apart has it's challenges.  Some days I feel like I need to clone myself.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  The smiles, the snuggles, hugs and kisses make it all worth it.

Caleb is definitely growing up fast.  He's nearly 5 months old and weighing in with only a pound or two difference from his big sister!  He's also hitting his milestones much earlier and with much less effort than Kennedy did.  Sometimes it makes me sad, because I realize even more just how much harder she has to work.  But we're getting to a point where they interact and are starting to play together.  Kennedy adores Caleb, and takes every opportunity to give him kisses.  She loves to help him bounce in his jumper and she will go crazy dancing for him.  She's not the only one.  Caleb idolizes Kennedy.  He will stare at her and screech, jump and bounce while she eats.  He always smiles at her and tries to get her attention.  I can tell they are already best friends.  I remember the first time I took them both to the pediatrician by myself.  It was like a train wreck.  Kennedy was sick, and Caleb was hungry and sick of being in his seat.  It was a screaming mess.  I thought I was going to lose my mind right there in the office if I didn't grow a few extra arms.  The doctor told me that it would be hard, and Kennedy wouldn't get every bit of my attention anymore, but that I was giving her the best thing I could, in giving her a brother so close in age.  She also told me that they will teach each other a lot.  And I can definitely see that will be true before I know it.

Some days I don't get to shower until 11pm.  Some days my husband comes home to a house that looks like a hurricane came through.  Some days I don't put a bite of food in my mouth until dinner.  But every day I look at my babies and I am so thankful for the wonderful bond that they already have.  I don't have any siblings, so I can't say what that bond is like.  Seeing them interact with each other just melts my heart and puts a smile on my face.  While I'm sad that Caleb is growing up so quick, I'm also excited to see their relationship continue to grow.  I'm looking forward to seeing them play together and share new experiences.

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