Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The New Ds

Ds has a new meaning in our house today.  Kennedy has Diva syndrome.  She does things when she wants, and not when anyone is going to tell her or force her.  Yesterday during our Early Intervention session we were working with a Physical Therapist.  We were trying to get Kennedy to pull up, and she looked at us like we had 12 heads.  Today, I was making her dinner while she played with her toys in the family room.  I came in to find her standing at the coffee table.  I have no idea how she did it.  And she has yet to do it again.  When I tried to get her to repeat herself, she once again looked at me like I had 12 heads.  I guess only time will tell when she decides to do it again. 

Speaking of divas.  Here is a photo of Kennedy and her friend Paisley at one of our recent playgroups.  It doesn't get much more diva than this!

I've met some wonderful friends, both online and locally, in the first 13 months of our journey. but I am especially thankful for the playgroup that we try to attend weekly!  It's wonderful to have women to talk to that understand and can provide support and information.  And Kennedy loves the opportunity to play and interact with everyone!  A few weeks ago Miss and Mrs. Galaxy attended the group.  Kennedy and her friends had a wonderful time playing with their crown and sashes! 


  1. LOVE!!!! I agree that Kennedy has a serious case of Diva syndrome!!! Also, what was she doing standing at the coffee table...WOW! So glad that we get see you (almost) weekly! Xo, Shannon and Paisley

  2. Love the new DS meaning!!! My little girl fits the bill, too. You are gonna have to set up a video camera to catch her.