Sunday, December 4, 2011

Catching Up!

This is always a busy time of year, but I promise, I will get back to blogging regularly soon.  I'm exhausted after a busy weekend, and have an even busier week ahead, so I don't have much to say.  However, I do have TONS of photos to share.  We went over to Orlando this weekend to "do Disney" but after considering how crowded the park would be, we opted to do it in another month or two, when the park is less crowded and we're more likely to enjoy it.  So we stayed at one of our favorite hotels, and then visited all the other (much more expensive hotels - like the Grand Floridian) and saw their decorations and went to Downtown Disney.  We all had a wonderful time, and wrapped up the weekend with a stop at the beach.  We really don't take advantage of all that Florida has to offer, so we're determined to start doing that more.

I also have our Christmas photos to share, but they deserve a post of their own, so look for those later in the week (or maybe even as early as tomorrow.)

(Oh, and by the way.  Kennedy crawled completely across the room today....backwards.)

You're giving me WHAT for lunch?

Ravioli and meatballs are a lot better than I expected.

I give this meal a thumbs up!

Can I have this more often?  It's also fun to play with.

What's in these noodles?

Look blog people, I'm a big girl now. I can take a bath with out my tub in a tub.

 Do you people know how much I love vacation?  And this is a super big hotel.

Chicken tenders? More new food.  I like this.  Sorry I bit your finger mom.

I'm gonna help daddy with this project.  As soon as he's done working we get to go have fun.

Our hotel has SAND!

Mommy says this is one of her favorite hotels.  Now I know why.

 Mommy and daddy said maybe next year they'll take me to the real Key West.

Daddy, don't let the gators get me!  And why are there gators in the hotel anyway?

Can we have a Christmas tree like this at home?

I'm snug as a bug on mommy.  I've seen enough decorations for tonight.

I slept through all of Downtown Disney, now I want to party and enjoy this hotel.  Until 4:30am.

Oh, I'm tired.  Do we have to go to breakfast now?  I guess I should have listened to you mom.

Can we have a fishy tank like this at home?  Maybe in my room?

Look at that one dad. 

You don't mind if I play with this place mat do you? 

Who needs a high chair when you can sit on the table?

 This is the life.   Mommy says this is why we live in Florida.

It's fun to play in the sand.  And kick my feet in it.  And eat it.  See my castle? I did it with my feet.

 This feels funny on my feetsies.

Mommy it feels weird!

MOMMY!  The water got me!  And it's cold!

Help me! I'm sinking mom!

Mommy and daddy even took me back to the hotel they got married at.  They said it was also my first vacation, but I don't really remember it.  I think it was before Dr. Q gave me all my extra energy.


  1. Looks like you all had a blast! I love the photos - Kennedy's hair looks super dark and long lately. And I stayed at that Marriott for a conference once and also loved it - it was amazing :)

  2. I am always amazed at Kennedy's hair. My middle son has that much hair...too bad Hailey doesn't :-) Looks like you had a good time. We are hoping to take Hailey and the boys to Disney next year. Yes, warm, beach weather in December is why you live in Florida!