Monday, December 12, 2011

My Little Traveler

My husband and I really hit the jackpot.  How did we get so lucky to have a baby that loves to travel as much as Kennedy does?  This kid loves hotels.  And she's totally tolerant of road trips.  Of course, we have Grandpa to thank for that.  With out the portable DVD player we would have had serious issues on the ride here.  (Never mind that mommy is still repeating Baby Signing Times in her head.)  I'm sure she'd do great on a plane, but we haven't ventured there yet.  Mostly because mommy and daddy can't seem to pack everything compact enough for a flight.  (Remember - we are the people who had to buy a new SUV before our first road trip with her.)

Despite the all nighter that she pulled in Orlando a week and a half ago, Kennedy has learned that vacations are meant for sleeping.  And I'm happy to report that she's slept in until 8:30 for four days in a row now!  Mommy could get used to this!  Not getting my hopes up though....

Kennedy also seems to like eating out.  Specifically pancakes and chicken tenders.  Oh, and she loves eating menus and tearing apart coloring mats. 

Where's my chicken tenders?  And do you think Santa will bring me a hotel for Christmas?

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