Friday, December 9, 2011

I Changed My Mind...

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I said I missed the cool weather and the change of seasons?  I'm pretty sure I wrote about it.  Looking at everyone's fall pictures...the true pumpkin patches, apple orchards, babies playing in leaves.  It made me miss living in the north.  However, I got over that pretty quickly, and if you remember, we were at the beach on Sunday.  Now that we're "in the north" where the leaves fall and the seasons change, I've decided maybe I don't miss it so much.  It's quite a hassle to have to dress and undress the baby every time we go somewhere, and get in and out of the car.  I'm not to sure that Kennedy is a fan of coats or hats.  That said, she does seem to like her furry boots.  Then there's all the cold dry air outside, and the dry air from running the heat.  I forgot just how bad living in the north was for my sinuses!  But that aside, we are having fun.  It's great to have some extra daddy time!  And of course, there's something to be said for an indoor pool, housekeeping, turn down service, and not having to cook.  Of course it's somewhat inconvenient that we have to store Kennedy's milk in the hotel freezer.  If that's the case, I don't know why I can't just call for room service when she's ready for a bottle.

I like breakfast in bed.  I even let mama sleep in today!

Forget Cheerios, I want the package.

Oopsies.  Did I do that?

I love my furry boots mom!  Can I wear them more often?

 And my sweaters too!

Where to now mom?


  1. Oh my goodness ... these pictures are the sweetest! Kennedy is adorable. :) (And Miss K is currently sleeping in those same zip-up jammies. ;) )