Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Excuses (Photos, photos, more photos)

I have no excuse for being as behind as I am on blogging!  We had a WONDERFUL weekend with my dad visiting.  Since he lives in New York, it's not often that he gets all the way down south.  In fact, it's been six months since he was last here.  We had a wonderful time showing Grandpa the way we do Christmas in the south.  That included a musical Christmas show at the mall - including fake snow, and an evening trip to the zoo for their Winter Wonderland event.  Grandpa took lots of photos while he was here! 

This was prior to Grandpa's arrival, but too cute not to share.  Apparently Kennedy REALLY missed her Grandma and wanted to give her kisses!

 Grandpa's here!!!!!

I really love hanging out with Grandpa!

 I also love my new friend Lowry, she's a penguin!

Water bottles are fun too.

I love the Christmas lights mom!

What's this cold wet stuff?

I don't really understand mom.  But it's pretty neat!

 I'm still trying to figure this one out.

Look Grandpa!  I got a boat!

I LOVE the lights....but I don't love dressing like this.

Kennedy LOVED the lights at the zoo.  She was just mesmerized.

What are those things mom?  They're kinda weird and creepy looking. (About the goats.)

For real mom? What are you doing to me?

See Grandpa!  I love to swing!

 It's kind of breezy out today!

I can really go down mom?

Squeee!!!  Was I supposed to go backwards?

Christmas has sort of snuck up on me this week.  I have a lot of things to finish up, and a lot of activities planned!  So I'm not going to lie.  My blogging may be a bit spare the next few days, but I promise, I'll eventually make up for it. 

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