Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fake Sneezes are Funny

Apparently fake sneezes are like, the funniest thing. EVER.  At least according to Kennedy.  This all started today when I was reading The Littlest Reindeer to her.  She was cracking up when the man in the moon sneezed and blew Santa's sleigh around.  And she kept laughing every time I did it after that.

We also attempted round two of Santa yesterday.  It went much better.  Santa wasn't grumpy, which made for a much more interested Kennedy.  I have to admit.  It was an outdoor mall, and it was 83* out.  If I was Santa, I would have been grumpy!  But it went well.

I promise.  Regular blogging will resume after the holidays.  Until then you're just going to continue to get cute pictures of her.  I'm sure you're all okay with that.


  1. Too cute! I'm jealous....your Santa pic turned out so adorable!

  2. The sneezes are too cute!!! That's how the photographer got my boys to smile at the last photo shoot we had and now Dawson's fake sneezes all the time to get Devin to laugh!!!