Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nine Months! And Thankful For Parties!

I still find it hard to believe that Kennedy is already nine months old.  Three quarters of a year.  Seriously, where has the time gone.  I know, I know.  I say that every month.  But this month it really hit me just how fast time is going.  last year at this time, we were wishing for the holidays to fly by, in anticipation of meeting our baby girl.  And here we are, getting ready to celebrate her first Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Kennedy, you have changed our lives in ways that we never imagined.  You've brought so much love and joy to our family and to everyone that meets you.  You bring endless laughs, and your smile brightens every day.  You mean the world to us, and you are what we live for.  My goal every day is to make you laugh and smile.  I love to teach you new things and watch you take everything in.  I love to see the world through your eyes.  You amaze me every day, and I'm so proud of the little girl that you are becoming. 

We celebrated Kennedy's 9 months by going to her friend Daniel's birthday party at Gymboree.  Kennedy has a whole new list of things she's thankful for.  In fact, she asked for special permission to tell you about them herself.  (I told you she was becoming more of a little girl.)  Okay, okay.  Now I'm turning the laptop over to her, so that we can all go to bed.

Mommy doesn't usually let me play on the computer, I think it's because I end up slobbering up the keys or something.  But anyway, she's been asking me what I'm thankful for, and I have some new things that I'm thankful for today.  And mommy said she got cute pictures too.  Duh, I'm cute, of course the pictures of me are adorable.  Today was my first real birthday party.  I've been to one other one mommy says, but I slept through most of it.  But not today.  It was at this fun place called Gymboree.  I'm thankful for Gymboree and all the fun stuff there.  I'm gonna ask Grandma to get me all the same stuff they have.  I bet she'll do it (remember the other day when I said she uses her Visa card a lot?)  I'm also thankful for my friends.  It's really fun to play with them, and soon I'll be crawling along with them.  Daniel's mommy also served Cheerios at the party.  I'm thankful for Cheerios.  Mommy has never given them to me before, I'm not sure what she was thinking.  I made her promise that she would go to the store and buy me some tomorrow.  Oh, and I'm thankful for party hats.  At first it was kind of weird having this cardboard cone with my piggies shoved into it, but everyone said how cute I looked.  And you all know me, I love to accessorize and anything that makes me cuter than I already am, I'm up for.  Oh, and most of all today, I'm thankful for cupcakes.  Daniel's mommy was really thinking and made special sugar free cupcakes so us babies could eat them.  (They even had pumpkin in them.)  I really really like cupcakes.  I need to have a talk with Grandma because mommy would only give me a little bit.  She told me I can have more in three months, when we celebrate my first birthday.  But who can wait three whole months for more cupcakes?  I had so much fun today and found so many new things to be thankful for.  Mommy and daddy took me shopping after the party and found me some fury boots and a new sweater.  I can't wait to show off all my winter clothes on vacation.  Oh yeah, and I'm thankful for Daddy's Visa card too.  I'm giving mommy back her co mputer now, I'm sleepy!

Before I head off to bed, here are some adorable pictures and videos.
I'm not sure if Kennedy mentioned how thankful she is for water or not.  But she apparently loves running water, and this morning, she found a new appreciation for splashing in her ducky tub.  Enjoy the following videos!

Oooh!  This place is so fun, I love it already!

I want one of these mom!

 Look at me daddy!

Really mom?  I can slide down??

Oh mommy this is so fun!

Um, hello.  Why did you people stop bouncing?

Do you like my hat? 

Daddy!  Stop tickling me and give me more Cheerios!

Why have you never given me Cheerios before mom?

Can we go buy some when we leave?

Enough pictures.  Just give me more Cheerios.

These things are SO good!

 WOW!  What's this?  This is better than Cheerios!

Oh mommy!  You've been holding out on me all this time?  Forget chicken, I want cupcakes for dinner.

Excuse me.  Give me MORE!

YUMMY!!!  I know you think this is adorable, so you'll let me eat some more.

More? Please? Mommy....come on.

Okay, okay.  Playing is good too.

Can someone help me up please?

Hey...what's that?

Haha daddy, you can't get me in here!!

I don't know why they call it a frog pond, but it sure is fun!  This green stuff is pretty tasty.

Oh hey Riley, what's up.  I haven't seen you in a few weeks.

So what do you think of this Gymboree place?  I think our mommies should bring us here every week for Mom's Group.

Hey Riley, can you show me how you make that noise with your hand on your mouth.

Just like this Kennedy, let me show you!

Oh okay, cool. Thanks.

Hey mom, you don't mind if I go down face first do you?


  1. Oh my goodness! She just keeps getting cuter by the day!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! And Ellie is super into the running water, too. These girls need to hang out, although Ellie may have pigtail envy... Kennedy's are actual piggies, whereas Ellie has antennae.