Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cause For Celebration!

First of all, Kennedy wanted me to let you all know that she was too overwhelmed with trying to come up with EVERYTHING she's thankful for all at once, so she'll just be posting a few things a day from now until Thanksgiving.  I figured everyone would understand.

Today was pretty typical.  Eating, napping, playing, swinging, and Early Intervention.  After yesterday's disastrous physical therapy appointment, I was dreading today's EI session.  It started out as usual.  Lots of tears.  I pretty much let her know that this just wasn't working for me anymore, and that after several months of "adjustment" and "re-adjustment" after heart surgery, we were still no better off.  I had a long talk with a friend of mine this morning about EI, and PT and how their daughter reacted.  It just so happens that our PT also worked with her daughter.  I was finally at the point where I was ready to "fire" her, since clearly we couldn't make it work.  Well, the light bulb apparently went on, and she found a way to get what we needed out of the session while letting Kennedy do it on her terms.  It just so happens that it meant sitting in her princess chair and playing with toys.  Kennedy was ALL smiles, giggles and babbles.  It was like Amanda got to see the TRUE Kennedy.  It wasn't me just showing off videos and photos, while claiming that she does all these things.  I was really happy and I'm pretty sure Amanda was impressed with the true Kennedy.  I just hope this was a turning point.

Now, onto what Kennedy is thankful for.  She said of course she's thankful for her mommy and daddy, and for the heart surgeon who fixed her heart.  All the doctors and nurses who took care of her.  But she's also thankful for milk, a big wardrobe, pigtails, and mommy's ability to make cute bows for her hair.

Less obviously, she's thankful for the following things:

Swings.  Lots and lots of swings, and three different parks around our neighborhood.

I'm thankful for mommy's Ray-Bans at said park.

I'm even more thankful that mommy went all the way home to get my Carter's glasses.

I'm definitely thankful for Grandma's Visa card.  Which she uses so generously to buy me toys and clothes.  Oh yeah, I'm grateful for those too.

I'm thankful for Grandma too, not just her Visa.

Kennedy said she's getting tired, so she'll continue with what she's thankful for tomorrow.  

By the way, tonight I'm thankful for the fact that Kennedy slept until 6:30am today.  This is a huge improvement over the 5am wake-ups that we've been dealing with since the whole time change.


  1. Yay for a good EI session this morning!!! It's funny that she did great when it was on her own terms. We had a little attitude with our session this morning. Guess they are starting to make up their own minds!