Friday, November 4, 2011

Big Waves and Little Waves! *Video Included*

I know, I know.  I NEVER blog twice in the same day.  Heck, lately I have a hard enough time finding something to blog about once a day.  Let's just say I'm making up for the fact that I didn't blog yesterday.  But this is way to good not to share, RIGHT NOW.  I couldn't wait until tomorrow. 

I've been trying to teach Kennedy to wave all week.  She's completely in love with her hands, so I knew she would love waving, once she got it down.  And she does.  She's so proud of herself.  I was reading to her, and snuggling her in bed tonight, and she just kept waving at me.  I clap and tell her how proud I am, then she squeals and smiles.  She is SO proud of herself. 

There's nothing more I can say.  The video shows it all!

Today has been a day for firsts I guess.  I'm pretty sure that our days of pureed food are coming to an end.  Kennedy has been eating more and more food, and just isn't into the purees as much as she used to be.  Her new favorite is hummus.  I'm pretty sure that at 8 months old I was NOT eating hummus.  Kennedy has some expensive taste, but hopefully she will keep it up!  

Here's a few more pictures from today:

Look Mom!  I can move in my walker.  But only backwards, and I'll only do it when I'm mad.

Admiring all of her cuteness in the mirror!
Excuse me mom?  What's up with this thing on my head?
(We aren't used to *cold* weather in Florida!) 

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