Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Little Fashion Diva

One of the best parts of vacation is getting to dress up Kennedy and show her off!  Even though we go out pretty often at home, it's not usually a good excuse to dress her up.  It's also a little cooler in North Carolina than Florida, so we can get away with wearing more of our "cool weather" clothes.  The weather is beautiful and has been perfect for taking walks downtown and going to lunch with daddy.  Last night we went to dinner with some of Marlon's co-workers.  Kennedy was of course a perfect angel and everyone thought she was adorable and so well behaved!  And of course she looked adorable in her dress and matching bow. 

Who needs toys when I have my feet to play with?!

Lunch with daddy is so relaxing I can't help but sleep.

Really Mommy?!?!?  You are so funny.

Can someone help me get this crawling thing down?

Why can't I figure out how to move my arms AND legs?

No mom, these jeans don't fit.  I need a different outfit.  Sorry I never got to wear them.

 This is a much better outfit for dinner!

I love the concept of the concierge lounge dad.  Now give me some of those veggies.

I will play with my baby feet in my sleep, even after a long night of hanging with mommy and daddy.