Monday, August 29, 2011

Family Time

Part of our goal for this vacation was for Kennedy to meet the remainder of her family!  Today she got to meet Aunt Gina and Uncle Adam, Aunt Tiffany and all of her cousins!  And of course...we went swimming.

Meeting Aunt Gina!

Come on mom! Stop taking pictures and let's go swimming!

What's with all the pictures?  We don't take all these pictures when we swim at home.

I really wish mom would stop making all these bows to match my clothes.

Hey, I like this girl.  How come we don't see her more often?

 Oh no!  Mommy and daddy tickle monster!!!!

I'm so glad the mommy tickle monster turned into the mommy milk monster!

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  1. I love keeping up with your blog. Your daughter Kennedy is a week older than my daughter Hailey and had her OHS a week before Hailey did. Kennedy looks great! So glad that you are enjoying family time on vacation! She is such a cutie!