Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finding Fake Grass

Apparently someone forgot to turn the heater on in the pool yesterday, because the water was freezing, and Kennedy wanted nothing to do with it.  So we walked around the downtown Farmer's Market, went to lunch, played in the hotel room...and found fake grass.  We're from Florida.  Where we have gigantic snakes and alligators (and the occasional cow) wandering through our backyard.  We can't just sit out in the grass and play.  Or at least I choose not to.  Across the street from our hotel (in the middle of downtown) there's a big section of fake grass.  Kennedy and I hit Starbucks, and then headed out to the fake grass with an iced coffee and a blanket.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been a few toys or books.  That's definitely on the agenda for this afternoon.  It made me wish we lived somewhere that we really could just take a blanket out back and spend the afternoon playing in the grass.  Or at least that we had somewhere in Tampa with fake grass.

It's official.  This my new favorite picture of Kennedy.

And for added humor to today's post.
Forget sucking my thumb.  I'm gonna suck my toe.  Just 'cause I can.



  1. Goood Morning Jenn, I just thought I would say I just found your blog and you have been on a wild n crazy ride. Your daughter is beautiful and amazing. Seems like a million years since our weddings in May. Just wanted to reach out and say HI! This is Pamila51510 for the nest.

    I shamefully don't keep up my blog. I am going to one day just way to much going on in my world right now...

    You are truly blessed!!!

  2. Love looking at all the hairbows while you have been on vacation!!

  3. I love it! This is the second toe-sucking post I've read today and it comes in the same week that my own girl has discovered how very tasty her own right big toe is. And that's my new favorite picture of Kennedy too!

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