Friday, August 26, 2011

Kennedy's Big Adventure Begins!!

My husband and I always dreamed of traveling once we had a child.  We had a lot of earlier trips planned, but because of surgery, we had to postpone them.  We finallly got the okay to travel, and that's exactly what we set out to do this month.  Yesterday we made the long 13 hour voyage to Virginia.  Kennedy did great in the car.  Impressive for a baby that hasn't gone on many road trips. 

While in Virginia we planned to spend some time at the beach, introduce Kennedy to her great grandparents and great aunt and uncle.  My husband also has family in the area, so we planned to introduce Kennedy to them as well. 

Of course, as we've learned in the past 15 months since we got married, nothing goes as planned,  I'd just like to go on record and say that I HATE Irene.  The Norfolk and Virginia Beach area are now forecasting the worst hurricane in decades.  No thanks, I'll pass.  Clearly going to the beach is out of the question.  And since traffic is a zoo around here with people evacuating, it's pretty much out of the question to go anywhere.  Not to mention, you don't want to run out of gas.  So we'll be spending the day showing off Kennedy to family, before we head out to North Carolina very early in the morning.  It has been great for Kennedy to meet more of my family.  It was so cute seeing my grandmother with her yesterday.  Sadly, my grandfather is in the hospital right now, and will not be able to meet her.  Because she just had surgery 7 weeks ago we have to be very cautious about exposing her to germs, and a building full of sick people isn't the place to be.  I really wish he was feeling better and that we could see him.  I know he would love to meet Kennedy, and I'm sure she would just adore him.

Here's some pictures from the first day of our trip!

 I'm ready mommy!!  What do you mean you and daddy aren't?

Sleeping on the first stretch of the trip!

Diaper changes in gas station parking lots!  (And no, she didn't pee on our new car.)

I hope when I wake up that we are where ever it is we're going.

Playing with my new friends...are we there yet daddy?

How about now?

Having breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Fayetteville.

Daddy, why aren't we there yet?  This is ridiculous!  

Fine, I'll take one more nap.  But we better be there when I wake up!

Balls are going to fly if you guys don't get me out of this seat soon!

Why am I sitting on the table to eat?  I don't do this at home.

YAY!  The floor!  Daddy, can you go get my toys out of the truck?

Exhausted from play time.

Visiting my great grandma! 

Meeting great aunt Michelle!

Family time on vacation!

I've never slept on a pool table before.  This is pretty comfy. 
Disclaimer: We were right next to her and moved her to bed when we went.) 

Kennedy had a very good protector!

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  1. aww these are beautiful pix and i love that her protector stayed by her side. Miss you guys lots can't wait to see you all again and i miss kennedy bunches only a little less than 3 weeks to go omg. Love you all be safe.
    Love Gramma xoxoxoxoxo