Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beating Hurricane Irene!

We made the decision to cut our time in Virginia short in order to get out of town before Hurricane Irene showed her ugly face.  Being from Florida, we've been through many hurricanes.  Back in the day we would fill our coolers with drinks and stock up on junk food for a hurricane party.  Now that we have a baby the only hurricane party we want to have is the one celebrating that we got out of town in time.  We're looking forward to a great week in North Carolina, visiting family and friends.  Our hotel has an indoor pool, so Kennedy and I can spend a lot of time swimming with out worries of the sun!  Here are some photos from our adventures today.  We hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene stays safe!

Showing off my pretty dress!

We went to lunch with Uncle Sam at Wild Wing Cafe and I chewed on celery and carrot sticks!

Visiting cousin Brenda and great grandma BeBe, who happened to be visiting from Florida

Playtime with Aunt Michelle!

Hanging out with Uncle Sam! 

What are THOSE mommy?  The big hairy beasts are funny looking. 
(Kennedy thought Maddie and Mozart, my aunt and uncle's golden retrievers were REALLY funny!)

 Chillin' on the big fluffy bed with my monkey!  How come our bed at home isn't this fluffy?

 Thanks for turning CNN on dad!  I'm so glad we got out of Virginia before that nasty storm came!



  1. Oh my goodness you got some great pix i love the one of the 3 of you. You really have a knack for capturing Kennedy's facial expressions and putting them to words ex. the cnn pix she really looks like she is saying that. I miss you all so much have fun stay safe and kisses and hugs to all.
    Love Gramma

  2. I know this blog is all about sweet Kennedy... but I really like your haircut!!!


  3. Thanks Carolyn! I guess I'm starting to get used to it, but it's not at all what I asked for!