Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Have I mentioned just how much Kennedy has changed my life?  Or how completely obsessed and in love I am?  This is a different kind of love that I can't begin to explain.  I cannot believe that in two days, my little diva is going to be 6 months old!  Yesterday marked our 6 week anniversary from open heart surgery.  It still amazes me how far we've come.  I expected that we would find ourselves "behind" as a result of surgery, but she has bounced back like I can't believe.  She actually ENJOYS tummy time!  Dr. Nardell warned us that most babies hate tummy time after surgery, and only last for a minute or two at a time.  Not Kennedy.  Yesterday she spent a full hour laying on her belly before she rolled over.  She's also incredibly close to sitting on her own.  Technically, she has sat on her own for up to about 15-20 seconds.  I suspect that by the time we get home from vacation, she'll probably be sitting on her own.  And today...she sat in the shopping cart, with out her infant seat.  She loved it!  And I loved it too, because honestly, it's getting really hard to lift that seat in and out of the car and carry it around with us! 

Words just don't explain how much I love this little girl. 

Look at me mom!  I love tummy time! 

Are we REALLY going swimming mom?  It's been forever!

Swimming with mommy!  This is so relaxing!

Does this hat make me look silly? Don't take my picture if it does!

I love this thing mom!  Can we do this every day?

This water really is relaxing. I'm getting sleepy.

Swimming is hard work.  Maybe I'll just rest my eyes.

This puts a whole new perspective on grocery shopping!

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