Saturday, April 23, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Easter

It's the night before Kennedy's first holiday and I'm so excited!  There are eggs ready to be dyed (okay - so we're a little late on this but we ran out of time today.)  The Easter Bunny has prepared her basket, and left all of her goodies next to her swing.  Her swimsuit and sunscreen is ready for our trip to the pool.  Her dress is ready, and mommy has lots of cute stuff to take pictures with.  And we have food for the BBQ with her Grandmas.

Mommy and Daddy may have gone a bit overboard.  (And Grandma helped!)

Daddy is prepared to wear bunny ears and whiskers drawn on with eye liner.  Since we couldn't risk her getting sick, by taking her to see the Easter Bunny, daddy will be the pseudo bunny for some pictures in the morning.

I can't help but smile and feel so lucky to have such an amazing baby.  I know she's not going to remember it, but I'm so excited, and I will admit that I may have gone a little overboard!  I put her into her Easter jammies tonight, and while I gave her a bottle daddy read "The Night Before Easter" to us.  She's now fast asleep on daddy's chest, getting a good nights sleep in preparation for a day full of Easter fun!

Showing off my Easter jammies!

Reading The Night Before Easter with Daddy!


  1. awww have fun tomorrow with Kennedy.Happy Easter to all of you. Enjoy your day.

  2. Jen - cannot tell you how much I enjoy your posts - they're like windows into your soul...
    Thanks for sharing your lives with us!!
    We anxiously await your updates!!
    Happy Easter & We Love You Guys!!
    Aunt M & Uncle Sam

  3. Don't worry about going overboard it isn't possible. You are wonderful parents and you have a wonderful family. I love you all.

  4. Zach got the same kind of pool for Easter!