Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here We Go Again...

Another day, another debate.  What is wrong with making an informed decision?

***Disclaimer***  This post is not meant to be offensive to anyone who chooses to vaccinate their children on a normal schedule.

Today was Kennedy's two month well baby visit.  The good news - she's doing great!  We are up to 9lbs 5.5oz and 21 3/4 inches!!!

The bad news - I once again feel like I'm playing a game of battle the medical system, just because I'm trying to make informed and educated decisions regarding my daughter's healthcare.  When the topic of vaccinations came up, I expressed that I was still doing research, we had some concerns, and for right now we were delaying all vaccines.  Now, maybe I'm expecting too much, but I made it clear that I had concerns.  I would have expected that a physician would have addressed those concerns, or even asked what they were.  Bringing up that my baby has to go into the hospital for surgery is not sufficient enough information for me to make an informed decision.  I would hope that my daughter isn't going to pick up Polio or Diphtheria in the sterile operating room.  Of course I'm worried that she'll pick something up in the hospital.  MRSA or hospital acquired pneumonia are the first things that come to mind, and she can't be vaccinated against either of these.  So was I given information to help me make an informed decision? No, I was pretty much just told to do it, as the doctor walked out of the room.  In fact, the exact words were, "Just vaccinate this baby."

So now, the quest for a new pediatrician will begin.  While I was really pleased with our choice of pediatrician before Kennedy was born, I feel like the circumstances have changed, and maybe this isn't such a good match.  This wasn't the only issue, or the only time that my concerns were dismissed.  Apparently the laid back attitude that I liked about him in the beginning, isn't working so well on our journey.  I'm not looking for someone to agree with my view points.  I'm looking for someone who will hear out my concerns and help me make an informed decision.  And so the quest begins.

Enough drama.  On to more fun things!  I did some more shopping today (someone point me in the direction of the shopaholics meeting.)  Why is it that no matter how many dresses she has, I can always find more?  Daddy is just as much of a sucker for cute clothes as mommy is.  And we may or may not have gotten a little out of control with Kennedy's Easter goodies.  I probably should have gotten an Easter basket the size of a shopping cart.  (I'm not kidding.  You'll see Sunday.)

We also have plans to take her swimming for the first time this weekend - if the big pool isn't warm enough, it'll be in the "baby" pool (you know - the one we bought her for Easter.)  So there will be lots of pictures to come this weekend!

On that note, here is a picture of Kennedy with her new toy - "Sophie the Giraffe."  Thanks Grandma!!!


  1. Jen I totally feel ur concerns when Haley was born with beckwithe weiderman syndrome(gene related) I delayed all of her vacines also. Got yelled an an snubbed.. called a bad mom. WHATEVER! I did my research found a new Dr who didnt like my views but understood so wish I could refer to childrens hopspital here in Columbus. I met with geneticists and specialist who told me do as I feel for her. Some even agreed that these vacines can do harm. Have u seen Jenny Mccarthys pleas about this very thing if not check it out I have learned alot watching her. I can tell one thing for sure I wish I had stuck to my guns but school denied letting her in so in the end I caved, she within days became a different child. Way more emotional.. and loner like. In the end u have to do what u feel is right for Kennedy an her situation.. no one knows her like u or marlon... Shes already porved them all wrong shes a very smart an beautiful lil girl. Appi

  2. I had the same unhelpful pushing of getting vaccinations. But after doing my own research and talking to other types of professionals, such as therapist who work with kids with autism, I came to the conclusion there is no right way. Its really chose the lesser evil. For me, the decision was to vaccinate, but only the mandatory ones that my kids will need for school. We never do the flu. With Fionas heart condition we did Synergis, the RSV monthly shot, because RSV and heart condition=fatal. You are smart to hold off until you feel comfortable with your chose. Do not let anyone belittle you for the path you choose, because like I said, both choices have equal risks and benefits. And good luck finding a pediatrician that treats you any better on this issue! They are far and few

  3. Love Sophie!! Tessa has one!

    You should definitely be comfortable with your dr. and I am proud of you for standing your ground. I had planned on spreading them out but ended up getting them all.

  4. Aviva was never interested in Sophie the Giraffe; I was sad about that. Can't help you with the shopping because I have totally loved buying Aviva dresses and she loves wearing them :) With regards to the pediatrician; I had lots of vacination questions and loved that my pediatrician never said just do it but explained why. That was really important to me, so I totally feel you on it. I remember asking about them because of my drug allergies so the pediatrician broke them into sets that were 2wks apart to help with reaction. As for the information regarding why to do them I wish I could remember everything they said because it made me much more comfortable with them. I wish you luck on your search for a good pediatrician!-Shanna

  5. I'm glad you are finally looking for a new pediatrician, from what you have said about him... he definitely wasn't a good match for you. I wish you were closer to us, our pediatrician is amazing and he was open to discussing delaying vaccinations with us or spacing them out.

    I am running into a similar debate with vaccinations, I am not sure if I want Lila getting vaccinated so early but at the same time we take her out so much that I am afraid if she doesn't get them.

  6. Hello. I believe your post said that you were in Tampa. I also live in Tampa and have an amazing daughter who is 20 months and happens to have a little something extra. We see a pediatrician out of St. Joseph's hospital and love everyone in the group. The group is complex chronic care. We go even though, our daughter does not have complex medical issues. Give it a try, the nurse, Jo, is wonderful! Best wishes!

  7. I am so happy that you have your beautiful baby girl Kennedy. She is so cute and I too have an addiction to shopping I love carter's and I love Gymboree along with Gap and Old Navy.

    When it came to vaccinating our daughter Anastasiya(Nastya for short) we chose to wait till she was 6 months. We felt that because she was BF she got the immunity she needed from my milk. We also do not do a bunch of shots at once we spread them out and I feel more comfortable with that.

    We all have our opinions in the world of vaccination's needless to say I don't like Jenny McCarthy. My word of advice is do what you think is best for your peace of mind and what is best for Kennedy! One thing I did find helpful was I would search Google(I am as addicted to research as you maybe even more crazy. Lol) for the good the bad and the ugly about that one topic. For example I did my research (the good the bad and the ugly) on Jenny McCarthy and went from there.

    I love to see the posts and I am so glad you have found that she may not be "The normal baby" but she is normal to you and you don't love her less for her little challenge in life.

    She is doing GREAT and you are doing a great job along with that fabulous husband Marlon!

    Congrats to you both and keep up the good work. It will at some point get easier!