Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Search is On

For a new pediatrician that is.  Why is this so hard?  I've worked for a number of pediatricians (eight to be exact - and three pediatric nurse practitioners) and I would love for any...okay, almost any of them to be located in this area.

I got a great recommendation on a pediatrician from a friend, unfortunately, he doesn't take insurance.  Okay, I'll pay out of pocket and file it with my insurance.  After all, it's a pediatrician, just how much can it cost?  I'm sorry, what?  $3,200 for a new patient visit?  Cross that one off the list!  So much for my theory of, "Maybe he doesn't take insurance because he doesn't want to deal with billing and collections."  Clearly he's just trying to get rich.  

On to the next one.  I've gotten a great recommendation on this one from my Chiropractor.   I call.  And call.  And call.  Apparently my call cannot be answered (according to the automated message.)  But there's not an option to leave a message either.  And they seem to be an urgent care as well.  And they do therapeutic massage.  And medical weight loss.  And a number of other things I've never heard of.  Okay, maybe this isn't the best option either.

Two more offices that I've heard good things about.  Two messages left.  Zero calls back.

Score - Jennifer 0   Medical Offices 4

How about my own family practice doctor.  Yes, it's an hour away, and I've been meaning to switch, but I really do like her.  Guess what?  She won't take my special needs baby.  I'm hoping the receptionist meant to say, "You should really seek a pediatrician," and not "We won't take a special needs child."  Well,  I guess I'm looking for a new doctor now too.

Another office, another call.  Their number has been disconnected.  Nice.

Score - Jennifer 0   Medical Offices 6

Last chance for the day....I actually get to talk to someone, who indicates that vaccine schedules are reviewed on a patient by patient basis.  So, she suggested I come in to meet with the doctor and discuss our "situation" and see if I'm happy with them before changing.  This sounds promising.  Fingers crossed.  I'm meeting with her tomorrow. 

Am I expecting too much?  Maybe I've been spoiled.  I received truly AMAZING care from my midwives during my pregnancy.  Why can't pediatricians provide the same level of care?  I don't just want someone who will agree with me.  I want someone who will listen to my concerns and not just expect me to do things because they said so, or because the American Academy of Pediatrics says so.

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