Monday, June 25, 2012

Grandma Love

I'm really fortunate to have an excellent relationship with my mom, and I'm even more fortunate that she has lived close to us and has developed such a special relationship with Kennedy.  Kennedy adores her and it shows every time she comes over!  I think Kennedy will be pretty excited that Grandma is moving in!!!  She should have moved in today, but thank you very much Tropical Storm Debby, that's been delayed by another day.  It will be great to see their relationship grow and also to have some extra help!  I'm pretty sure Kennedy is looking forward to swim time with Grandma, in the first few weeks after Caleb is born.  And I know she already appreciates that Grandma is willing to chase her around on her hands and knees.  Something that is getting increasingly difficult for mommy to do. 

I'm not really sure who won this game, but I'm assuming Kennedy.  One thing I can determine is which one of them got tired out first.  But I'm sure you'll figure that out by the end of the pictures!

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  1. I guessed right! I wish we could bottle up that energy!