Monday, June 18, 2012

Stair Climber

Any time Kennedy does anything new, it's a huge accomplishment.  She works so hard to perfect her milestones and we celebrate them in a grand way.  Well, today at the pool she gave me the shock of my life.  I should preface this by saying, we've never really worked on climbing stairs.  We've used the stairs as a tool to help her pull to stand when she was shorter, but we've never worked on climbing stairs.  Because, quite honestly, that's not something I was ready for her to be able to do!  Needless to say, today when she climbed the stairs and got out of the pool I was shocked.  We were sitting in the water, on the steps, playing and splashing.  She pulled herself to stand, and proceeded to climb up the steps, and out of the pool.  Then she crawled across the patio, not seeming to care that the pavement was hot or scratchy!  I wish I had my phone with me to record it, one of the many times she did it.  But unfortunately, I don't usually keep it on me while I'm in the pool.  I'm pretty sure our pool monitor and probably all the other people there thought I was nuts, making such a huge deal out of her climbing the steps and getting out of the pool.  But like I always say, we celebrate every milestone!  And this was a big one considering we've never worked on it and I wasn't expecting it! 

Even though I don't have any video of miss stair climber, I have some really cute pictures of her enjoying Grandma Grace's beans and rice!

Ooooh these were yummy yesterday!!!

I hope there's more than this.

These are so good!

Give me more!

 How come you don't make this for me?

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  1. Kennedy i know how you feel i love Grandma Grace's beans and rice too! Good job with the stair climbing girlfriend gramma loves you soooo much!