Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baby Steps!

This has been an exciting week. And yet, the first time I've managed to write a post AND it's lacking a lot of photos. But Tropical Storm Debby, Grandma moving in, being 9 months pregnant, and day to day life with a 16 month old hasn't left a lot of time for blogging.

Kennedy is making huge progress in the area of gross motor skills. This has always been her weakness and an area that we've worked hard on! She's been capable of pulling up for some time now, but only did it when she was really motivated to - usually by something she wasn't supposed to have. All of that had changed in the past week or so. She's now pulling up and climbing on everything. She's getting into things she never knew existed - like her brother's dresser. I've caught her climbing into and out of things and becoming quite the dare devil. She still thinks it's best to plop down on her butt when she's done standing though. And the dramatics that go along with it are us and her.


She's continued to enjoy climbing out of the pool, and it's become quite the hit to see.


She's started to cruise the furniture more and more. She'll now take steps to get around her activity table and is starting to stand independently for a few seconds. Tonight, for the first time, with some help from mommy - she walked from the family room to the kitchen with one of her push toys!!! She's definitely not ready to do it alone, since the push toy moves faster than she does, especially on tile, but I feel like we've made some huge advances on the way towards walking this week! We're far from being an independent walker, but I have the feeling that in a few months I'll be able to stop chasing Kennedy on my knees!

I promise. More pictures to come this week!


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  1. How in the world have 9 months passed? lol! Great work Kennedy!!! :)