Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

We've been living in the land of toddlerhood for awhile now.  But it seems like every day Kennedy is in to more and more.  And as exhausting as it is, I'm loving it - because she's doing exactly what a toddler should do!  The fact that she isn't walking yet, doesn't stop her from being little miss mischief.  She will empty any bag, basket or container she can reach.  She will pull things from shelves or racks and toss anything with in reach onto the floor - after putting it in her mouth, of course. 

This also includes helping with the laundry.  (Don't mind the mess of toys in the background, before she decided to help with the laundry, Hurricane Kennedy had made her way through the family room.O)

Need some help mom?

I'll climb in my chair and help you fold.

If you look really close at my goofy face, you can see my new toofies coming in! (Top sides)

I love the smell of fresh laundry!

Wanna play peekaboo mom?

What do you mean you want me to fold it?

And some other random photos I happened to find on my camera from last weekend. 

Mommy and daddy said we're going shopping!

Like my new funny face?

Okay, enough pictures.  Let's hit the mall people.

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  1. Someone asked if Hailey was walking and I commented that she doesn't need to right now...she's getting into enough the way it is! It is amazing how much they can get into just crawling and reaching! Love the pics of Kennedy! She's such a doll!