Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Milestone Madness

It seems like Kennedy decided this week she'd start hitting all sorts of milestones.  This weekend it started with the Cheerios.  Today she started clapping!  We've been working on this for awhile now, and she's been putting her hands together, but tonight it all started to click, and she did it over and over again, and even when we asked!  Then she was sitting on the bed next to me, and she decided she would use my legs to pull herself to a stand!  Of course, standing on the bed isn't all that easy and she plopped down on her butt pretty quickly, but she still did it - and completely on her own!  She tried again, but only made it to her knees.  Either way, I'm so incredibly proud of her.  And did I mention that her smiles and giggles melt my heart more and more every day. 

Here's some pictures from our trip to the park today.

Mommy I really love to swing!! 

Can I have a park in our yard for my birthday?

I guess mommy's letting her guard down with germs.  She never used to let me lick poles.


  1. That blue is striking on her!!! Yay for all the new stuff! It always makes mommy so proud :-)

  2. She is just the most adorable little thing! And completely agree on the blue, it's totally her colour ;) She is doing so well! I'm sure my two didn't start clapping til almost 1 or maybe even past one so she's doing great!!

  3. yay for Kennedy!!!! That first picture is beyond words precious!!!!