Friday, January 27, 2012


Everyone warned me how going places would be harder and take longer when you have a baby.  Silly me thought it was because you had to pack for the baby, take breaks to feed and change the baby, and oh yeah - carry around a whole lot of extra stuff. 

No one told me that the reason it takes so long to do everything is because you can't go ANYWHERE with out people flocking to you.  Kennedy makes friends every where.  She draws a crowd and has people talking to us her everywhere we go.  The grocery store - people stop me in every aisle.  And that's just other shoppers.  Kennedy has made friends with all of the employees, and I feel like they should announce over the intercom *Kennedy's here!* when we walk in.  It's adorable, it really is.  Her smile just radiates happiness and everyone says how adorable she is.  We were out to dinner last weekend, and she was flirting with the couple behind us.  And four men at a table across from us never stopped staring at her.  And then there was the group that stopped us on our way out the door. 

As much as it takes me an hour to get through the store, and I can't eat dinner in public with out people staring at us, I never get sick of hearing how adorable and beautiful Kennedy is!  Speaking of how adorable she is....
Look Mommy, I'm practicing for when I have a sister or brother.

I'm going to give the baby kisses.  (Please stop taking pictures did you not see my bed head?)

Yummy....blueberry yogurt!

I love cheese ravioli! 

Lunch time is best!

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