Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blogger Fail. Updates.

It's a miracle that I made it through 31 for 21, because I haven't blogged in almost two weeks since it ended.  It's been a busy two weeks, preparing for the move, dealing with illnesses, teething, and appointments.  It's hard to believe that we're leaving in just 3 days.  In the past two weeks so much has happened.  We saw cardiology and were cleared not to come back for a year.  As I sat in their waiting room, watching Kennedy run around, playing with all the toys, another mom started talking to me.  She had a baby Caleb's age.  She was tiny.  When the mom asked me how old Caleb was and I told her, I saw that look.  The look that I remember giving off, when Kennedy was a baby and I met other kids her age, two or three times her size.  It made me think back to the bi-monthly cardiology visits that we were making for so long.  The time leading up to her surgery.  My life was centered around that.  And now here we are, not going back for a year.  Through the Mended Little Hearts program, I've also been speaking with other parents lately.  Parents of children who are having their AVSD repaired.  In answering some of their questions, it's occurred to me that something that was once the center of my universe are now fuzzy memories.  I actually had to reference my blog to answer some of their questions. 

In the past two weeks we've also said goodbye to a lot of friends.  Mostly people that I've met since Kennedy was born.  People who will always have a special place in my heart.  People who promised me that "it" would be okay.  The women that I cried to, in fear of what our future would hold.  The women who supported me through my struggle with breastfeeding.  The women who were present for the birth of both of our children.  The friends who have supported us through open heart surgery and helped us to celebrate Kennedy's milestones.  The friends who have recognized Kennedy for who she is and how many chromosomes she has.  I feel like we've come so far since we met them.  I distinctly remember meeting Amanda and her son at my first Mom's Group.  We compared horror stories from the NICU.  We had swim dates with the kids.  We were both pregnant with our second children at the same time, battling the fear of another NICU experience.  We welcomed our babies into the world just weeks apart.  I'll never forget when my midwife visited me in the hospital, and gave me Stephanie's phone number.  She told me she had a son with Down syndrome, and that she would love to talk to me.  I remember the first time we talked.  I cried.  A lot.  And I hung up, replaying in my head that things would be great, and that it gets easier.  She offered to take newborn photos of Kennedy.  And Kennedy flopped around in her flower pot, making it difficult to get photos.  And just a few months ago, she offered to do Caleb's newborn photographs.  And Caleb was equally as uncooperative. 

The hardest goodbye of them all was my Doula, Angie.  We reminisced about the day we met for the first time.  AS usual, I had 5,000 things going on and my mind was in 20 places.  The day that I made the decision to hire her, I had no idea just how huge that decision would be.  I never imagined that we would need the amount of guidance and support that we did.  Angie or "Aunt Angie" to the kids, has become a part of our family, and will hold a special place in our hearts forever.  Of all the "goodbyes" this was the hardest, and the most tearful. 

Today we said goodbye to our Physical Therapist, Holly.  Holly has been with us since January, and I owe her some credit towards Kennedy's success with walking.  She has given us some excellent guidance and has always praised Kennedy for how wonderful she is.  I know by experience that good therapists are hard to come by, so this was a difficult goodbye. 

Of course, with all that said, we're very excited about moving forward.  I'm ready to put all of the stress of the move behind us.  To get the kids rooms and play rooms set up.  To run around the back yard with the kids and not worry about snakes and alligators.  To see Kennedy learn and grow around her cousins and to watch the fun that they will have together.  Most importantly, to have more time as a family.  I'm looking forward to meeting new friends, and play buddies for Kennedy (and Caleb.)  I know that I will form new friendships with memories just as special as the ones I have here. 

Enough rambling.  Here are some photos from the past few weeks. 

Showing off my walking and my hair cut!

The nice therapist at Hope Haven told mommy to give me Twizzlers to help strengthen my jaw.  Mommy wasn't too thrilled with the idea, but this is one therapy I'm okay with.

Can we do this therapy more often?

My little brother is getting to be more fun.

Playtime with Grandma.

We went to vote.  It was exhausting.  I was being adorable, and all the people loved me.  And then I fell asleep because it was taking so long.

Even with two teeth and being sick, I'm still smiling.

What do you mean I can't wear tank tops after this week?

Come on mom!  I want more swinging.  See....I'm signing "more."

Bedtime, what?  No thanks.

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