Thursday, November 22, 2012

Settling In

After a few very hectic weeks I'm happy to say we made our move over the weekend and we're settling in to our new home nicely! The house is put together and we are enjoying some relaxation. And shopping. And preparing for Thanksgiving.

Kennedy is really enjoying her new home. Her favorite part is the stairs . She is like a pro going up them. I just need to teach her to go down them. One of the greatest parts about our move is that Kennedy has her cousins and family nearby. Yesterday one of her cousins came over to play with her for the day. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more. And it was fun for me to watch Kennedy playing with Hannah. I'm really looking forward to seeing Kennedy grow up with her cousins. I'm also excited to have a designated play room and a fenced in yard! We can finally play outside and not worry about alligators. The biggest downfall to North Carolina is the weather. We are still adjusting our wardrobe and neither of the kids like to wear hats and winter coats.

I'll have lots of photos tomorrow and a little more serious of a post! I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving!

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