Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Technical Difficulties

I'm currently living in the land of electronic nightmares.  My MacBook has reached its' capacity and our PC is no where near capacity but also not anywhere near functioning properly.  And to top that, tonight Blogger told me I'm out of storage space.  All too many technical difficulties to manage at the moment.  Please bare with me as I work through them.  I promise, I'll be up and running soon, with lots of adorable photos!!


  1. Exact same thing happened to me with the pictures - just last week. I deleted a few of the pictures I wasn't using anymore then started reducing the size of pictures before uploading them. It seems to work so far.

  2. Funny. Apparently blogger did this to a lot of us. I just gave up and bought more storage. But then when I looked at the list of how much is allowed I wasn't there. And others who've been blogging way longer and more than me just reached their max too. A ploy for cash? I think so...