Thursday, July 19, 2012


One of the things I've told Kennedy from the day she was born is that she can do anything she wants to, and that we will do whatever we can to help her achieve her goals and dreams.  Even though she's still too little to understand just what we are saying, she's already showing her determination.  Lately, there are a lot of things Kennedy is determined to do (or not do.)  Sometimes she shows her determination when she's learning a new skill.  This has really come through in the past few weeks as she has been working so hard on her walking skills.  She also shows her determination at night when she doesn't want to go to bed, or when she wants to eat something from our plate.  When she doesn't want to get in her carseat or when she's trying to figure out a new toy. 

Standing and walking is hard work.  It takes lots of determination to learn to do these skills.  Fortunately Kennedy almost always shows us how determined she is.  Except today, during Physical Therapy.

Today Kennedy was determined not to let Grandma put her in the car seat.  She decided it would be much more fun to stand up in it, and play with her friend, Lowry.

I love to hear stories about how other people with Down syndrome have used their determination to make their dreams come true.  The link below is to a video that brought tears to my eyes and reminded me how many awesome things Kennedy, and other children like her will do when they grow up.  One extra chromosome isn't going to stop her from following her dreams, just like it didn't the gentleman in this video.

Determination Trumps Down Syndrome


  1. Way to go Kennedy! Hailey isn't sure enough of her standing yet. I think we are going to have to trick her!

  2. got love/hate independance and determination! Cate is 6 and as more sheer will and determination than I do.
    thanks for the video - that was excellent