Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Fun! (And a Therapy Update)

I love all the weekend family time, especially now that Kennedy is getting older and can really appreciate the things we do. 

She had mixed feelings over the splash park at Busch Gardens yesterday.  Had there been less "big kids" I suspect it would have been a better reaction. 

Mom...don't let go.  What is this?

It's kinda chilly mom...

This is fun!!

I'm gonna get it mom!

I'm exhausted after that mom!

I'm up, snack time?

Okay, let's go.  I'm ready to see more animals.

Kennedy also wanted to show off how hard she's been working on standing.
Oh monkey you crack me up!

 We're ready to watch the game with daddy.

I've also been meaning to update about therapy all week, but apparently the second trimester didn't bring my energy level back.  Wednesday's Early Intervention did not go well.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the worst ever.  Kennedy saw Amanda walk up the sidewalk and was screaming hysterically from that moment on.  It was horrible.  The last 15 minutes Amanda ended up laying on my kitchen floor, between the wall and the table and peered around the wall and observed her.  This worked.  Kennedy sat and played with me, smiled, giggled, etc.  

Fast forward to Friday.  PT day, and boy oh boy was I dreading it.  Kennedy woke up an hour early and was already yawning when we got there.  I was pleasantly shocked.  She rocked it.  She stood, she crawled and she showed off all her skills.  For 50 (yes fifty) minutes!!!  She was over it at the end.  She was clearly ready for a nap.  11am is her usual nap time, and that's not accounting for waking up an hour early, so I was very happy to have made it to 10:50 with out a meltdown.  Fortunately, Anna, our therapist, was thrilled with what we got, and she called it quits.  Kennedy was passed out in her seat before I made it out of the parking lot.  

So, that really leaves me questioning the current situation.  Does she dislike Amanda that much?  Am I better off asking for a new therapist?  Or does she not like people coming into her "space?"  Maybe I'll try another round of EI at the park, and see how things go, and make a decision from there.  My fear, is asking for a new therapist, and them not being able to find one.  Or asking for a new therapist, and getting one that Kennedy and I BOTH don't like.  Decisions, decisions.

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