Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazy Day at Home

It was ridiculously cold today.  And yes, I mean really cold, not just cold by Floridian standards.  I'm pretty sure we barely saw 50* and the thermostat in my car said it was 37* this morning when I went grocery shopping.  So, other than a trip to the store, we spent the day in the house.  It was declared as pajama day, and I even took Kennedy to the store in her nice cozy, fleece sleeper. 

I've been slacking a little on my videos lately, so here is one of Kennedy eating her grilled cheese sandwich.  Yesterday, she clapped when she was finished.  Of course, because I was recording it today, she didn't do it.

Mom, you didn't even wash my hair today, please don't put this online.  And give me more food.
'It's not very often that daddy is home, and we don't have something fun planned out and about, so it was a nice treat for Kennedy and daddy to get to play.  

Are you serious dad?

Mama, I'm going to show daddy how my ball popper works.

Ready? 1...2...3...

This ball tastes yummy...

Daddy you are so silly!

You have to get it at just the right time dad, watch.

Mom? I think dad lost interest in the ball popper.

See dad, this is how it's done.

I don't care if this toy is almost as big as me, I can still pick it up.

Mommy?  Why don't you act so silly when you play the piano with me?

Hey peeps, this is how I'm going to hold my baby brother.

It's sort of surreal looking at these photos.  I cannot believe that one week from today, I'm going to have a one year old.  It just doesn't seem possible.  One year ago I had absolutely no clue just how much this sweet little girl was going to change my life.  When we got her diagnosis I knew that our lives were changed forever, but I had no idea how much better it would be.

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