Monday, February 13, 2012

Let the Birthday Celebrations Begin

I let Kennedy open a birthday gift that arrived today.  I figured she's going to have plenty this weekend, so opening the one that came in the mail today would be fun.  Okay okay, and mommy was looking forward to seeing her new blanket!  She really got into it, and the pictures say it all.

Is it Christmas again?

I'm going to open way or another.

Even if I have to use my teeth...oh wait I don't have any.

Look mom, I got a piece of paper.

Oh yeah, I was opening the present.

 I got another piece of paper! This tastes good.

I can play peekaboo with this blanket!

Peekaboo is so funny mom!

The blanket tastes good too!

Let's play peekaboo again!

Peekaboo mommy!