Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost One...

It's hard to believe that Kennedy's first birthday is in less than 2 weeks.  It's surreal.  Exactly one year ago I was texting with my Doula, trying to decide if the contractions I was having were real...obviously they weren't, but it seriously feels like yesterday!  I just don't understand how I'm going to have a one year old soon.  All of the fear and the emotions surrounding her birth, are fresh in my mind.  I wish I had known then, what I know now.  It would have made for a lot less stress those first few days.

I look back over the past year and I am amazed at what we have overcome.  A shocking diagnosis that changed our lives forever.  We struggled to get Kennedy to gain weight.  We fought and fought to get assistance and services.  We made it through open heart surgery.  And then we got to truly start to enjoy life with our daughter.  Not that we didn't enjoy her before, but things definitely were different once her surgery was over.  Since then, we've taken vacations and we've watched Kennedy grow into a little girl and explore her world.  We no longer have the struggle with her eating.  The girl likes to eat.  She clearly takes after her mommy and daddy with her love for food.  And soon, she's going to be a big sister.  Now THAT'S hard to believe.  We still have our challenges, and even some of our fears.  But who doesn't?  Ours are just a little different than most people.  I still spend countless hours fighting for services that Kennedy deserves.  I don't think that's a fight that will end any time soon.

I don't focus on that though.  I don't focus on the things Kennedy can't or doesn't do.  I focus on what she can do.  She's rocking it the past two weeks when it comes to meeting milestones, and as I've always said, we celebrate all of them.  Big and small.  Today she really shocked me.  She somehow managed to take my contact lens out of my eye.  Talk about some fine motor skills!  Forget mastering the pincer grip to pick up Cheerios, this girl is removing contacts!  My husband recently tried to wear contacts.  He found out rather quickly that he wasn't cut out to be a contact lens wearer, but Kennedy has already figured it out.  Okay, okay, I know.  She didn't do it on purpose, and it will likely never happen again.  At least I hope not for the sake of my eyes and my vision.  But she was really darn proud of herself when she was holding it in her fingers.

The outfit that she's wearing for her birthday party arrived yesterday.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I tried to blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but the truth is, I know I'd be crying even if I weren't pregnant.  I cannot believe my baby is turning ONE.  We have received so much love and support since Kennedy was born and it means the world to us.  We cannot wait to celebrate her first birthday with so many of the people who have made such a difference this year.  We are truly grateful for our friends and family.


  1. When your special baby turns one it is a BIG deal, especially if you struggled in the beginning or they were poorly. Every year on my oldest son's birthday, I end up crying at some point, with pride, relief, and so many other emotions as we nearly lost him when he was born. With everything you've been through with Kennedy and how well she is doing and everything she does every day to make you proud, it's no wonder it makes you emotional. xx

  2. Nicolas is right. I always cry as we sing happy birthday, especially at the first, because it is such a huge milestone. This has no doubt been the most amazing year of your life....your first year as a mama to a beautiful little girl who makes you proud every second!

  3. That is *Nicola. Silly auto correct!!!