Thursday, October 17, 2013

Revisiting the R-word

This is not a new topic. In fact, it's one I have blogged about on numerous occasions. One that I wish I could avoid.  The r-word.  It's been awhile since someone slipped it into a casual conversation with me.  A few months ago I complained to a local grocery store manager when a cashier used it in front if me, while talking with another employee.  It seemed like the message was getting through, and maybe others weren't using it so much.  Yay!!  Nope. Stop. Don't get too overconfident.  You can imagine my surprise when the instructor of Kennedy's special needs gym class threw it out there in conversation tonight.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The r-word thrown out there freely in front of parents and kids - in a SPECIAL NEEDS CLASS!!!

I have a few problems with this.
1.) The word is highly offensive.  It ranks up there with racial and homosexual slurs, in my mind.  
2.) You're talking this way in front of young children. Ages 2.5 to 9 years.  Some very capable of repeating it.  The use of the word will never stop when it's used so freely.
3.) Said instructor also happens to be an education major in college.  I hope and pray that her choice of language improves before she graduates.  
5.) Even if you "didn't mean it that way" it hurts. It's like a knife going right in me.  

As my daughter (as well as my son) grows up, I do not want them to be exposed to such hurtful and offensive language.  I decided against saying anything during the class, but I do plan on addressing it.  Not only should that particular teacher learn, but the entire staff should learn (or be reminded) that offensive language such as the r-word will not be tolerated.  Thankfully, at this age, Kennedy doesn't know the difference and went on having fun.  But someday she will.

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  1. I had a similar instance last spring. As I dropped by my younger daughter at pre-school I heard a teacher in the supply room say something like "it is r-word that we have to do this". I could see her so I decided to let it drop and walked away. But as I drove to work it started eating at me because she is a TEACHER and said in a school. So I called the office and told the person who answered (who ended up being the women who said it). I automatically got the "didn't mean it that way" response to which I responded that I wasn't calling to debate her choice because no matter how hurtful it is too me the point it that is a school and they shouldn't be using words like that. The next day I got an appology note so I felt like I made a difference that time. I guess we deal one instance at a time until someday it is better.