Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Breaking News: First Steps!!!


Kennedy took 3 very small steps INDEPENDENTLY today!!!!!  There are no words to explain how happy and proud I was.  And how upset I was that of course, I didn't have my phone or a video camera in my hand.  You can bet I'll be walking around with one glued to my hand.  She has been working so hard at walking lately, and it shows.  I know that these 3 tiny steps are a long way from walking completely on her own, but my guess is that she'll be walking around the house in no time! 

In addition to taking her first steps, Kennedy has been demonstrating her toddler behavior.  She told me that she wants everyone to know that even though she has an extra chromosome, she is just like every other toddler.

Last week I mentioned that she knocked over wine in the grocery store.  Apparently the grocery cart wasn't quite far enough away from the shelves.  In the 20 seconds I was comparing chicken broth, she managed to stretch and reach and I assume in the process of reaching for a bottle of wine, she knocked two others off.  For a grand total of 3 bottles of wine shattered on the floor.  Oops.  It's a good thing she's cute, and they laughed it off.  Mommy would have had a tough time explaining why she spent so much on groceries with nothing to show for it. 

The wine was just the start of the string of toddler behaviors that are driving me to gray hair and exhaustion.  In the past two days she has discovered that shredded chicken sticks to the wall really well.  And after months of crawling all over the same floors, she found the area that the grout was cracked.  And discovered that she could take the broken pieces out.  And put her blueberries in.  Yes folks, she has mastered the in and out skill.  Removing the grout and filling it with blueberries.  I'm sure any potential buyers will be very impressed.  We may want to consider moving sooner, before Kennedy destroys the house any further.  My friend said people expect that when they look at a house with kids living in it.  I hope they also expect broken blinds.  And maybe they won't mind stepping over the tupperware she through all over the kitchen.

One thing is for sure.  Kennedy has grown to love her brother more every day and is such an excellent big sister.  It melts my heart to see her with Caleb and it makes me so excited to continue to grow our family.  She was a little upset that I took pictures of her with out any pants, and with bed head, but they are to cute not to share.

I think Caleb needs a kiss.

 I really love him mom.  When can he play?

Caleb: Mom, can I have some peace and quiet? Please?

I can't deny it, the kid is pretty funny.

I'm hiding from my sister.  Please don't tell her where I am.

 I'm milk drunk, Leave me alone people.

Mom, is he okay?

But I don't want to play with you mom.  I want to play with Caleb.

Maybe if I kiss him he'll wake up.

I think I'm going to snuggle him.

Nap time with Caleb.

Enjoying a cool Florida afternoon.  It was only 87*.

Goodnight blog reading people.


  1. Yay for walking! They are both so cute.

  2. Yay for steps! Toddlerhood is in full swing here, too. I feel like I could follow hailey around all day and do nothing but clean up her messes! I love it! I love all the pics!

  3. Oh Kennedy I am so proud of you! I can totally imagine how your mama must feel. You are such a good big sister and I can't wait to see you walking!

  4. Congrats on walking, Miss Kennedy! Such a big girl. How crazy!! I'm not sure I am ready for my little guy to start walking yet. But I know its getting CLOSE! She looks like a wonderful big sister. You have a couple of cutie pies on your hands ;]

  5. Congrats, Kennedy!!! You brilliant, clever girl - I've never even met you, but I'm so proud! Here's to toddlerhood, and being an amazing big sister. <3