Saturday, March 10, 2012

Turning Toddler

That's it.  Kennedy is officially turning into a toddler.  Minus the toddling part.  The things she's doing are insane.  For example, attempting to climb out of the grocery cart and her high chair, all in the same week.  She's more and more mobile by the day, though she does not like to be on her knees.  She's perfectly content scooting or rolling.  And when I say scooting, I mean she either scoots on her belly or on her butt.  The girl can make it across the room in no time, on her butt.  My house is quickly becoming baby proofed, and Hurricane Kennedy can tear apart her toy room in no time.  Including her alphabet puzzle mat.

This is not something we're used to around here.  So as my good friend pointed out today, we can officially celebrate the "I can't take my kid to a restaurant without her touching everything" and the "My kid is a menace in the grocery store" milestones.  After all, don't ALL kids do these things?

In addition to all these new milestones that keep mommy and daddy on their toes (and completely exhausted), Kennedy has really started to pick up a lot of other things, like pointing.  She's playing with more and more with purpose and has really mastered the "point" of many of them.  We're always reading books, and the other day I asked her "where's the dog?" on each page of her book.  This smart little cookie pointed to the dog on every single page!  I could not have been more proud.  The moment actually brought tears to my eyes.  There's always a reason to celebrate anytime she hits a new milestone, but the cognitive milestones are definitely my favorite!  It's really amazing to know that she understands us, even if she's not speaking more than mama, dada and lots of babble.  And not 30 minutes later, she was standing at the ottoman playing with her blocks.  She dropped one.  With one hand, she held on to the ottoman, bent over, and picked up the block with the other hand.  I sat there, holding my breath, waiting for her to topple over.  She's done this before.  Usually when I'm holding onto her, and she can bring herself back up.  But anytime she's attempted it, with out my assistance, she falls over.  To my surprise, she stood back up and resumed playing!!!!  Seriously, I was one proud mama on Thursday.

I promise, next week I will have some really wonderful photos to share.  I'm determined to be better about pulling out my camera again.  In the meantime, you're stuck with random iPhone photos from the past few days.
Hey mom! What's going on?

 Seriously, this smile melts my heart more every day. 

Yes, I'm wearing bunny ears.  I'm cute and I know it.

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  1. Yay Kennedy! She is too cute, and her progress makes us very excited for the upcoming months in our household. :)