Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catch Up Post

I've been really slacking on the blog for the past week.  It's not that I have nothing to say, but finding the time has definitely been hard!  Between getaways, therapy, and life in general and being 18 weeks pregnant (yes - I said 18 - when did THAT happen?) it's been a nearly impossibility to find the time to get something written.  I promise, I'll resume normal blogging this weekend.  In the meantime, here's a major photo bomb to hold you over.  The past week has included two trips to Orlando, two days at Sea World, two hotels, dinners out, a second birthday party, swimming amongst many other things.  (Do you see why I've had no time or energy for blogging?)  Anyway, here is all the cuteness from miss Kennedy!

 I can't wait to see Shamu!

Shamu was one of Kennedy's favorites!

 Mommy can I have a Shamu for my birthday next year?

Someone was so exhausted, she just couldn't take it anymore.

I'm awake, I'm good. What now mom?

I'm not so sure about this strawberry shortcake stuff.

Well those are cute.  Can we bring one home? (Baby dolphins)

Can I swim with them mom?

Okay, maybe I'll nap again.

When are we going back there? That place was fun!

I know everyone thinks I'm cute. I'll keep smiling.

If they don't bring my food soon, I'm going to eat this paper.

I love hotels!  This one is the one I stay up and party at.

Hey peeps!  Want to party with me?

I'm not tired. I'm not going to bed.

Let's play peekaboo mom.

Another birthday cake?  For me?  I love this birthday stuff.

Yay!!! Another hotel!  This will be a fun week!

These sting ray things are so cool mom!  

They said I can pet them!  I'm going for it!

Mom!! Why won't you put me a little closer so I can pet them?

Grandma, can we go back to see the sting rays?

Really mom!  I'm good.  Just a little closer!

Wow!!! Those are really cool Grandma!

Kennedy loved the dolphins.  I think more than Shamu.

I like Shamu mom, but I'm not sure about this.

Can we go on the carousel mom?

 That was so much fun!  Now who are those funny guys?  They look neat!

Kennedy loved these guys!

 Oh my gosh I love this place!

Kennedy's first trip to Senor Frogs.  And her first sombrero.

If I chew on this elephants nose does it mean Grandma has to buy it?

I'm so glad it's swimming season again!

Do I really get to play in all those fountains?

Really mom?  I can go at that fountain?

What's with the big kid shooting me with water?

Splashing is much more fun here than the tub.

Grandma and Kennedy bonding over Sophie while waiting for dinner.

Hey mom, I'm going to throw Sophie on the floor again.

I LOVE ice cream!!!  Can I have some more?  With sprinkles?

Vacation is exhausting.  I can't take it any more. Mom, you can sleep on the couch, right?



  1. Oh my goodness! Kennedy is such a cutie pie! And very well dressed!

  2. I just love Kennedy pictures! They always make me smile. She is just too adorable!