Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exploring the Island!

We have been having a wonderful time exploring Hilton Head.  Marlon brought me here twice before, and we always talked about making this trip a tradition when we had kids, just as it was for Marlon and his family.  Even though Kennedy is too little to really understand everything, she's having so much fun and we have the pictures to prove it!

C'mon mom!  Let's hit the pool!

Can someone get me another milk please?

Let's go dad.  Mom and I are ready for our seafood dinner at The Salty Dog Cafe!

Shopping again??  Oh, okay, you're Christmas shopping.  That's okay then.

Nom nom nom....ice cream.

Eeeeeek!!!  That's cold!

But I'll take a little more...

How come I don't get this more often?

What do you mean I only get a "sample size" spoon full.  I want more!

Enjoying an evening in Harbour Town!

Daddy daughter bonding time!  

I love all the extra time I've had with daddy!

Daddy?  Can I have a big boat like that for Christmas?

Why not?  Okay...I'll settle for this shirt.

Are you sure I can't have a yacht?

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  1. The ice cream pictures are adorable!!! I live in SC, but am about 4hrs from Hilton Head.

    Enjoy your vacation!! I'm so glad the rain has let up!