Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Lost Post - Photo Bomb

I thought that once we moved and we got settled, I would be a better blogger.  But as it turns out, that's not the case.  Maybe after the holidays?  Yes that's it.  After the holidays my blog will be less neglected.  In the meantime we've been busy preparing for the holidays and spending time with family. In fact, I started writing this post several days ago and I guess I got distracted.

Our Disney vacation was a huge hit and one that came with many memories to cherish forever.  And it may be a new tradition.  We loved it as much as the kids did, and I know that as they get older they will love it even more.  We visited Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Epcot as well as Downtown Disney.  Kennedy was amazed by the fireworks at Magic Kingdom and loved the flying Dumbo ride.  There was a "dance club" where she was able to dance with Chip and Dale and she had so much fun.  Her favorite part of Epcot was the music in each country.  Downtown Disney was full of excitement.  They had several bands playing Christmas songs.  One female group was dancing and singing in an area of fake grass.  It was a good wide open space and the crowd was far enough away, so I let Kennedy get out to show her moves.  She shook her little butt for all of Downtown Disney to see.  She was adorable and everyone thought so.  She danced and danced, running around like a maniac.  She attracted quite a crowd and before you knew it she was partying it up with a huge group of kids. 

Last weekend we attended our niece and nephew's holiday church performance.  Kennedy was a huge hit before the show.  She ran the halls of the church giving everyone her big grins and giggles.  Then she hugged and kissed a little girl, who hugged her back.  Then she kissed a boy.  Twice.  In church.

She hammed it up at the mall yesterday.  Everyone was stopping to talk to her or tell me how adorable she is.  Even during the 40 minute wait to see Santa.  But then once we put her and Caleb on Santa's lap, she saw it as an opportunity to get off his lap and run.  So the photo is of Caleb pouting and Kennedy trying to escape.   Photos of this to come in the Christmas post.

And here are the Disney photos you've been waiting for I've been promising.  And thanks to Blogger, they are no longer in order.  Or maybe that was my computer's fault.

Meeting Daisy at Epcot.  And giving her kisses.

Hollywood Studios

Meeting Jake from the Neverland Pirates.

Our first time meeting Mickey.

Riding the Dumbos.

Dance party at Magic Kingdom!

Waiting for the spectacle of lights to begin!

Dancing with Chip & Dale.

The most amazing Christmas display. Ever.

Dance party!!!

 Meeting Stitch!

Amazed by the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

Giving Stitch kisses!

Dancing with daddy at Downtown Disney.

Stitch was definitely her favorite!

Can you tell she had fun?  Look at her trying to snap her fingers.

Giving Mickey kisses!

Dancing. Again.

Hanging with Pluto!

Dance party!!!!!

Watching the Animal Kingdom parade!

Snapping her fingers to the music!

Christmas post coming soon.  Like tonight or tomorrow.

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