Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kennedy is a Big Sister!!!

We are thrilled to announce that our family welcomed Caleb Alexander on August 6, 2012 at 6:50pm!  He was born at home with the same wonderful midwife and doula team who have been such a big part of our lives since Kennedy's birth.  Just as Kennedy's birth was, Caleb's arrival into the world was an amazing experience that we will cherish forever.  There was nothing like laying in my own bed, surrounded by people I love, and introducing Kennedy to her baby brother for the first time.  I have a few photos from the past week, and will definitely try to get back into the swing of blog updates soon.  Right now we're adjusting to life as a family of four.  Kennedy is more and more interested in her brother every day.  She's still adjusting to how to be gentle with him, but it's a tough concept to learn for anyone her age.  I'm sure she'll get there with time! 

A Sunday afternoon swim, completely unaware of how much life is about to change.

24 hours later, "swimming" in the tub while mommy was in labor.

 Taking a break from playing with grandma to visit mommy.

Mommy finally meets Caleb!
 Kennedy met Caleb, and went back to eating, so daddy took him to see her.

Caleb 8/6/12

Caleb 8/7/12

I'm the big sister, it's a tough job, but I can do it. 

Daddy and Caleb.

Kennedy loves playing with Uncle Sam.

Kennedy was less interested in Caleb and more interested in her "big sister toys."

A girl can never have too many purses.

When Caleb cries....Kennedy yells at him.  It's pretty cute.

Caleb 8/8/12

This big sister stuff is pretty cool after all.

Catching up on sleep...Kennedy still has to teach her brother about sleeping.

Caleb 8/9/12


  1. I love all the pics! Look at you blogging with a new new tiny baby! I am soo behind in my blogging. =) I totally see your hubby's face in Caleb (and yours too of course). sooo adorable. congrats! can you believe he is really here???

    1. It really is hard to believe he's finally here and that we have KIDS now! I'm sure my blogging will slack even more now. Marlon has Kennedy and I have a sleeping baby on my chest, so it was a rare opportunity!

  2. I was just on babycenter and I thought I'd check your blog for any baby news - what great news and awesome pics!!! Congrats!!!! He is so so cute - how big was he?? Hope you are all doing well - I'm so happy for you all!!

    1. Thank you! I suppose I should have included his size - haha! He was 8lbs 8oz and 21.5 inches! Definitely a big boy!

  3. Jennifer!!!!!! You amazing mama! I am beyond happy for you all. Caleb is a big baby and so cute for a newborn (where's the scrunchie face?). Just beautiful! It only took William about three months to reach Ella's size, and he was 8lb 10oz 21.5 inches. So enjoy your little newborn while he lasts!

  4. What a sweet lil guy! He's gorgeous! So nice that your birth went well. Can't wait to hear the whole story!
    Kennedy looks like she's loving being a big sis!

  5. Yay! I am so excited to hear this great news! You are so amazing that you had him at home! Strong Momma! Everything looks great! You make it look easy! Caleb is adorable and Kennedy looks so happy too!

  6. Congratulations! He's gorgeous, and it looks like things are going so well. <3

  7. Oh he is so cute!!! And as is Kennedy as always!! The gentle thing takes time, I believe the age gap between Kennedy and Caleb is much smaller than between my two, which is 22 months, and even at 22 months Robert had a lot of "gentle..." whenever he went near his baby brother :) But they do get it, and they'll be such good friends when they grow up!

    Congratulations on a lovely home birth, he is so beautiful and squishy, you all must be so proud xx

  8. Beautiful! Congratulations to you all!

  9. CONGRATS!!!!
    He is beautiful!!