Friday, August 10, 2012

Growing Up Quick

Hi Blog Reader People -

Mommy's pretty tired tonight, so I told her I would help her out with a blog post.  I'm sure you know that I have a baby brother now.  The whole big sister thing, it seems like a big job, but I'm really enjoying it.  You see, since I became a big sister I seem to have more freedom around the house.  And even though mommy's belly isn't big anymore, she's still a little slow and a lot busier than she used to be. 

I can get away with pulling more things out of cabinets, eating more paper, and making bigger messes.  Today I got into a bag of Tostitos, and once I finished throwing them all over the floor I sat down and ate them.  I'm so glad I'm getting all my molars first.  It really helps for stuff like that.  Grandma and Daddy have been home more this week, since mommy isn't supposed to be picking me up right now.  They seem pretty tired too.  Daddy says it's impossible to get any work done when he's taking care of me.  He spends most of his conference calls telling me no, and then explaining to people that he wasn't talking to them.  Yesterday he and mommy took me outside to play in my pool.  Since mommy was feeding Caleb, it was daddy's job to retrieve my balls every time I threw them out of the pool.  And when he turned around to get it, I climbed out the side of the pool.  He got pretty tired of that game for some reason.  Grandma lost me a few times today, I seem to be quicker than her too.  She figured out that one of my favorite places to play is in mommy and daddy's bathroom. 

As for my baby brother, he's pretty cool.  But he's got a few things to learn.
1) I'm not sure why he cries so much, he's got it pretty good around here.  And mommy doesn't make him do any therapy stuff.
2) He's got to figure out this sleeping thing.  I've always been a good sleeper and he's really disturbing the peace around here, especially at night.  Mommy can't even sleep in bed with me and daddy because Caleb stays up eating and yelling at night.  I'm trying to teach him, but he's just not getting it yet.
3) Patience.  He's not the only one around here who is hungry and needs new diapers. I don't eat nearly as often as he does, and I even feed myself.  But every time I'm hungry, he can't seem to wait two seconds for his milk.  And did I mention it takes him forever to eat?

I told mommy I would share a few pictures:

Oops, I'm sorry daddy.  Can you get my ball?  Again.

Sorry mom, I'm not really feeling nap time this afternoon.

Mommy says I look like a sumo wrestler here.  But I'm just practicing standing. 

After Caleb kept mommy up all night, this is what he did most of the day. 
Someday that boy will learn. 

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  1. You're doing great Kennedy. I'm sure you'll have that little brother trained in no time. And great standing, by the way!