Sunday, February 17, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

There's no denying that my blog has been suffering lately.  First I blamed it on a second pregnancy.  Then the birth of our son.  Then our relocation, the holidays, and most recently Kennedy's party planning.  Now I'm already planning for upcoming travel,  holidays, etc.  There's no denying that I'm busy.  The day to day life of a 2 year old and 6 month old is enough to keep me busy.  Throw in appointments, therapy, and Kennedy's upcoming schedule of tumbling and Kindermusik classes, and it's no wonder I have no time for blog updates.  But then I look at other bloggers.  Bloggers who have more kids.  Bloggers who have jobs outside the home.  Bloggers who still find the time to write out meaningful posts, despite their busy schedules.

So is it that I don't have time?  Or is there something more?  I have to admit, that I often feel like I have nothing to write about.  I mean, do people really care about our day to day lives?  Do they care that we went to the park, swimming, or took yet another trip?  I mean, over all our lives are pretty basic.  We do the same things that most of my friends and their families do.  I work with Kennedy more than my friends have to work with their "typical" children, but that's just the norm for me now.  Sometimes it's frustrating that we have to work so hard.  And I do sometimes worry about the future.  And I do worry about her speech, as well as her overall development.  But I see parents of "typical" kids with the same worries.  So do people really want to read about our every day lives?

My mom keeps reminding me of all the readers who stumble upon my blog.  The ones with a prenatal diagnosis who are shocked and scared.  The mom who just gave birth to a baby and had a surprise diagnosis of Down syndrome.  The parents who are preparing for their child's open heart surgery.  We've been down a path that others are just beginning.  I think back to how much other blogs helped me when Kennedy was born.  Today a friend of mine reminded me that although our lives are normal and *boring* it's good for other people to see that.  That having a child with Down syndrome really isn't that different.  That Kennedy is more alike than different, and our life is, for the most part, just as we always imaged.  Maybe even better.  That had I known then, what I know now, I wouldn't have been so afraid.

So for now, I'll continue blogging.  Occasionally.  I'll continue posting photos and updates, my opinions and maybe even some of the activities that I do with Kennedy.  And by popular request, I promise, I'll even start posting more of Caleb.

And now back to regularly scheduled blogging.

Last night as I wrote my blog post, I resisted all temptation to wake Kennedy up to play in the snow.  But first thing this morning, when she woke up, I bundled her up and took her out for her first *real* snow experience!!  It took me longer to dress and undress her than the amount of time we were out.  She was less than impressed, to say the least.  See for yourself.

Are you kidding me mom?

Excuse me? Can I go in please?

 What the heck am I sitting in?? (And yes, she ate it.)

Under all those layers there is a toddler.  Who went sledding down the hill once.  She laughed, and then wanted to go in.

You want me to make a what?  Mom, I have no idea what a snow angel is and I can't move.

Here Caleb, catch the ball!

Pay close attention to me brother.

My sissy is pretty cool.

You want me to do what, Kennedy?

Trying desperately to teach him to crawl.  She can't wait until he can keep up with her.

He's so unimpressed by her attempts.

I love playing with my brother!!!


  1. I enjoy your blogs so much! I don't think your life is boring to say the least! Your level of activity and involvement inspires me to be a better mom every day. You're so engaging and creative, and I strive to be that motivated too. I really enjoy seeing all the photos and watching your family grow :) You're an awesome mom Jennifer!

  2. I think it's OK to slow down. It has to meet your needs and fill your own desires first of all. And even if you don't keep it up as much, it is still here as a resource for all those parents. I think that a lot of us feel like there's so many to say and prove at the beginning, that by the time life feels more normal it loses its priority. I love the glimpses of your day-to-day though!

  3. I feel that same way! I read all these other amazing blogs who write such thought provoking things and I feel like my blog just doesn't seem to be up to par. That plus I really don't feel like I have much to write about most days. Keep writing! I enjoy reading your posts!

  4. I wanted to thank you and encourage you to keep blogging. We are a few steps behind you with our daughter (10 months) who also has DS and a repaired AV canal. Your "ordinary days" are my hope for the future. We are getting there, but it is good to see what it will look like. Keep up the great work. You seem like a great mom.

    1. Thank you so much!! You will absolutely get there! I had days where I wondered if we ever would too.