Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

When Kennedy was born I was scared. I had no idea how much Down syndrome would change my life.  In the past two years I've realized that it has changed it more for the positive than anything.  We enjoyed our vacation so much.  Kennedy absolutely LOVED Disney.  She loved the characters.  She ran up to them all, hugged them and kissed them over and over.  She even hugged a few photographers.  It was a trip that we dreamed of taking long before we had kids.  Long before Down syndrome came into our lives.

There are no words to describe what a great time we had.  So I'll just blast you with a few of the 1,900+  photos that I took.

It's DISNEY, people!!!!!

How do I hug this dude?

I'm coming!

Hi Daffy!

Hey tall dude? Dance with me.

She loved the rides! Especially Dumbo!

Excuse me?

Truly the happiest place on Earth and an absolutely magical vacation for the entire family!  I'm counting down the days until we go back.

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